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2,500K TON

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Asia Hub Hong Kong

With daily departures, you can achieve your business goals through our qualified air freight service

Our head office is located in Hong Kong, Asia Hub easily approaching to world.

・ We have a variety of Airline contract with Koreana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines and Air India, so we can provide a full suite of air and expedited products globally and you can enjoy the reasonable price.

・ You can enjoy the simplicity of handling the cargo with a team who understand what you exactly need and can make a solution for you

・ Use our global network of worldwide logistics association

Sea&Air Charter Service

・ What can you earn?

・ The costs reducing of Sea Freight and the speed and accuracy of Air Freight

・ Sea & Air service is the ideal way to combine the both benefits to ease the regulation and the profitable way.

・ We are handling the route from China via Korea to USA or South America.